1. Brooklyn Tulip Glass
  2. 13oz Snifter Glass
    13oz snifter glass
  3. 19oz Brooklyn Saison Glass
    19oz Saison Glass
  4. 16oz Brewhouse Embossed Glass
  5. Defend Beer Pint Glass
  6. Brooklyn Defender Superhero Pint Glass
  7. Oktoberfest Glass Stein
  8. Snifter Glass 4-Pack
    Set of four 13oz snifter glasses
  9. Tulip Glass 4-Pack
    Four 16 oz tulip glasses in one handsome box suitable for giving or for keeping.
  10. Defender Pint Glass 4-Pack
    Each 16oz glass features a different Defender superhero from the past four years, envisioned by artists Tony Millionaire, Cliff Chang, Amy Reeder, and Khary Randolph.

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