19oz Brooklyn Saison Glass

19oz Brooklyn Saison Glass

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Our new 19oz Spiegelau glass supercharges saisons! When Spiegelau set their sights on the perfect saison glass, they knew just who to call: Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, creator of the famed Brooklyn Sorachi Ace saison.

Garrett worked with the Spiegelau team to harness the bold aromatics and wonderfully complex flavors that make saisons such an intriguing style. What emerged is the Brooklyn Brewery x Spiegelau Saison Glass, an eye-catching blend of form and function. The high and slight taper-walled, 19-ounce glass allows for plenty of space for aromatics to collect and concentrate in the delicately shaped bulb. Thin yet strong sides and an elegant yet short stem ensure the beer will maintain its proper temperature throughout your time savoring the beer.

We absolutely love this glass and we hope you will too. Dishwasher safe, but would you really take that chance with a glass this nice?